There's been some changes to how lockette works due to changing to a plugin functioning in a similar fashion but just completely remade from scratch.

Some of the changes I've observed are:
- UUID will appear after your name on the sign.
- Chest now always allow in and outtake with hoppers but there's no way of a non authorized user to place them next to a locked chest (look over old designs).
- Hopper minecarts do nothing when travelling under a locked chest.
- Auto locking is done while sneaking, may fail and require manual input in some cases.
- No broadcasted alerts when a sign is broken, and admins can now bypass all locks and edit lock signs.

Here's the list of all lockable items:
- Furnace
- Anvil
- Chest
- Trapped Chest
- Jukebox
- Fence Gate
- Beacon
- Enchanting Table
- Ender Chest
- Cauldron
- Doors
- Iron door
- Dropper
- Hopper
- Trapdoor
- Iron Trapdoor
- Brewing Stand
- Gold/Iron/Diamond/Emerald Block

Other than the mentioned changes the plugin should just work as before, except better performance. Please look over old designs using hoppers and such.
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12 Oct 2016 13:40