These are the rules of the server, breaking any of them can lead to punishments such as rollbacks or bans and as said in the terms we reserve the right to do this without notice or explanation.

Player rules

  1. Be respectful and courteous to your fellow players. Incidentally this means that:
    1. Trolling in any form is not tolerated.
    2. Do not grief other players, harass other players or spam the chat.
    3. Do not impersonate any other player especially the staff.
    4. Most players speak English. You should keep to that language in the chat.
  2. Please be open minded when interacting with other players. This includes:
    1. Being open to different genders and sexualities.
    2. Intimate and sexual interaction among players
  3. Although PVP is enabled in most of the world it is not allowed unless all parties consent.
    1. Killing another player in self defence is okay but keeping their items is considered stealing. PVP is disabled at /warp spawn you can give their items there or put it in a chest at one of the warps.
    2. Consent is assumed in the Lawless world because all players are open to PVP.
  4. Do not ask moderators for items, experience points or teleports unless it is to accommodate for losses due to a bug or grief.
  5. Respect your role on the server. If you have more abilities than others it is so you can use them to help other players.

Server rules

  1. This is a survival-creative oriented server. As such all worlds except the Creative world only allow survival mode while allowing creative builds with limited items to be imported.
  2. Do not misuse the servers features or create builds that lag the server. This includes:
    1. Enormous redstone builds.                      
    2. Enormous spawner chambers.                      
    3. Large amounts of water or lava flow.           
    4. Lots of mobs or creatures concentrated in a small area.
  3. Client mods that do not require any special server behavior are generally allowed. Mods such as x-ray, flight or other mods that attempt to automate client behavior are not allowed. Exceptionally, minimaps, radar and build overlay mods are allowed.
  4. If an exploit is found, report it. Abusing any exploit is considered cheating and most exploits violate the ToS

Build rules

  1. You may build in any area that is not protected or close to other players builds.
    1. Other players builds are their own, you may not interfere with them unless given permission.
    2. Builds may be owned or controlled by multiple players. Even whole areas controlled by a group. Such as towns, forts, cities, etc.
    3. Incidentally they will be managed by certain players. You must ask them if you can build there and they can decide if or what you can build there.
    4. Keep your distance if you are not allowed in such an area.
  2. It is not always obvious what someone else’s build is. First use common sense then these rules:
    1. If in any region protected area              
    2. Any structure with a protected door or chest
    3. Areas with signs designating the area with a name
    4. Walled in areas or structures            
    5. Structures that can not be produced by the game
  3. Aesthetic is important on this server. Generally this matters less if your build is far away. But when building in areas, close to others builds or near the warps consider that:
    1. Large or tall builds should tend to be farther away from other builds, especially the warps.
    2. Very minor especially ugly builds may be destroyed that are very close to other players builds or warps.
    3. Pillars of around 1x1 blocks, floating trees, or cobble platforms are not allowed to be left up.
  4. Large redstone builds must have an off switch. This means:
    1. Spawners stop spawning. Water is best used for dark room spawners. Light is best used for spawn blocks.
    2. Timers stop moving.                                  
    3. Redstone is not changing.                                

Creative rules

  1. Create anything you like but follow build rules
  2. In creative builds can be crowded and even messy. Make sure to give plenty of space between your build and others.

Lawless rules

  1. Lawless is not really lawless
  2. Lawless is a PVP originated survival world. It is for players who are into that to have fun.
  3. It is not moderated in the same sense as other worlds, not having rollbacks or other logging features.
  4. This does not mean you can break any of the Server, Player or Build rules with the exception that:
    1. Destroying others builds is allowed within this world.
    2. There may be a lack of courtesy such as trickery or lying to other players.
  5. Do not be a dick.
If you've been banned you can contact Baku on, send a regular note and give your reason on why you should be unbanned.
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